Hi, I'm Courtney. Right now, I'm studying Law at the University of Exeter, but being a lawyer/person in the legal profession wasn't really my goal until I started law school. Actually, I moved to England from Canada after completing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience. (I had always wanted to be a doctor).

Then why did I pursue law? Well, near the end of my neuroscience degree, I realised I didn't want to be a medical doctor, but really had no idea what else I might do. I hadn't really considered any other options. I began applying for everything - nursing school, a masters in gender studies, a masters in neuroscience, business school, Canadian law school and British law school, to name but a few. I didn't know what to do, I just knew I had to do something. I figured I would base my decision on how I felt after receiving admissions decisions.

Then, the University of Exeter accepted me. After receiving that offer, I decided to switch into the dual English Law and French Law degree. This was mainly for two reasons. First, I had always wanted to spend a year abroad living in France. I was bilingual and wanted to develop those language skills and really experience life in Europe. Second, I thought if I ever wanted to return to Canada to practice law, having both a common law and civil law background couldn't hurt.

That brings us here: me in my penultimate year of law school. I've learned a lot of things on the way, and I hope you find something useful in me sharing them.